Mission, Vision and Values

We spend time for you to spend less

Our ambition is to double the size of our business in the next 3 years in order to serve our customers even better.

Our daily mission is to provide value to our customers and consumers with quality products at the very best price. We aim at doing our utmost to span customers well-being by transforming their lives for the better.

Leveraging on our financial, marketing and distribution capabilities, we will continue to develop our in-house brands and keep on dedicating ourselves to recruiting a select number of quality brands at the right price and from the right suppliers so as to pursue our mission of providing value to our customers. 

Our values, our DNA

While we are committed to enhancing our portfolio by leveraging on our financial, marketing and distribution capabilities, we predominantly aim at doing our best to span customer and colleague well-being by transforming lives for the better.

The values behind our purpose

Being a leading FMCG business in Mauritius has had a lot to do with the way we view the business and the people we serve. Our motivation comes from our values which are inherent for us to be at our best while making our customers’ lives better.

That’s why at Agiliss, we are:

Pride, simplicity, proximity, family, hospitality, humanity
We take pride in what we do and we believe in remaining authentic, down to earth and working as a family for your family. We believe in treating our colleagues, customers and consumers with utter respect and in giving back to the community we live in.  

Reactivity, flexibility, rapidity, accessibility, quality
We ensure our reactivity matters at all times to give our customers superior service and quality products. We understand our customer’s needs and we have the ability to adapt ourselves rapidly so as to be there where and when they need us.  

Daring, fighting spirit, achiever, love of what we do 
We know that to be a leader we need to give our all. Our audacity is in keeping with our ingrained fighting spirit because we dare to venture where others fear to tread. We are passionate in what we do and this passion translates into giving our customers quality products at the best prices.

Credibility, Confidence, Transparency, Honesty, Dependability, Built to last
At Agiliss, we build lasting relationships based on trust – be it with our employees, suppliers, customers, consumers and stakeholders. We are honest in our dealings, in the integrity of our products, towards our team and in all our interactions. You can count on us to serve you better.

Our Name, Design and Logo

Agiliss means Agility in Latin, something that moves quickly and with ease. The 2 ‘S’s in the Agiliss Logo and Design are the icon of our mark. This resembles a racetrack which gives the notion of speed, itself the basis of our agility, ability and proactivity.

The 2 ‘S’s are also linked. This link is to connote and celebrate our team and our partners, as working hand in hand as one large family – this link is therefore a symbol of our unity and the proximity we hold to our team and stakeholders, as well as the essence of being Mauritian and united as such.

The Colour Red represents our passion and our fighting spirit and the symmetry of the logo represents our trustworthiness, loyalty and principles of righteousness. All this underlined by the simple blue accent symbolism of our simplicity, colour of serenity and colour of the ocean, a remembrance of our Mauritianism.