Our Management Team

Meet our team

Were it not for the big Agiliss family, we would not be who we are today.

Management Team

Rajesh Ramdenee

Founder, Director and Chairman

Mr Rajesh Ramdenee, who got involved in the family business at the young age of 17, started from the bottom of the ladder to eventually climb to the top. With a humble beginning as a corner shop, his vision led the company to become today one of the leaders in the business. Mr Rajesh Ramdenee is the one who develops and gives the strategic direction of the company together with the CEO. He also handles strategic procurement and key supplier and customer relationships.

Sharon Ramdenee


Ms. Sharon Ramdenee runs the management team, formulates & executes strategy while overseeing operational excellence. Her previous experience includes Group Finance Director & Business Development roles. She initially pursued her career in the UK working for Ernst & Young London, where she also qualified as a Chartered Accountant, after having done her first degree in Law & Business. Ms. Sharon also holds an MBA from UK and is currently reading for a PhD in Business & Management.

Iswar Keenoo

Financial Director

Iswar looks after our financial health; combining operational and strategic roles, managing accounting and financial control functions, as well as developing and implementing the financial strategy of the business. Iswar is a Fellow of the Association of the Certified and Chartered Accountants and has over 20 years’ experience in the Finance field.

Kentish Bhowaneedin

Business Systems Manager

Mr Kentish Bhowaneedin looks after the backbone of our operations, our business systems and processes, and ensures we are at the forefront of IT innovation.
He also leads all major operational projects of the company.

Thomy Pather

Imports Manager & Exports Co-ordinator

Starting out as an Accounts Clerk at Agiliss, Mr Thomy Pather has ever since evolved together with the company. Today, he is ACCA qualified and is the key person in getting the shipments in due time. He oversees and manages everything related to imports and exports.

Georgina Le Court de Billot

Chief Accountant

Having previously worked for large groups, Mrs Georgina LeCourt de Billot has 28 years of experience in Accounting. She single-handedly manages the finance team and ensures day to day running of all financial operations.

Jason Hurnungee

Commercial Manager

Jason is responsible for our sales and business growth. He oversees all sales and commercial strategy and activities across our different channels. Jason has wealth of experience in FMCG. He has been part of the FMCG world since the young age of 14 years old, starting as a part-time warehouse helper as an after school job, thereafter growing into a Logistics Manager, then going on to take care of Procurement and finally becoming Regional Manager of a supermarket chain. After this he decided to immerse himself fully in Sales where he held a variety of roles with us. Jason has a strong commercial instinct and a natural talent for sales and customer relationships.

Guy Lai

Project Manager and Analyst

Mr Guy Lai manages projects within the company and also analyses and monitors key metrics across the organisation providing Senior Management visibility to deliver on performance objectives and improve efficiency at various levels.

Sanjeev Hurday

Transport & Maintenance Manager

Mr Sanjeev Hurday’s energy drives the transport side of our distribution and fleet. He also handles the maintenance of our premises and operations.

Goree Ramdenee

Credit Control Manager

At the company since its inception in 1992, Mrs Goree Ramdenee looks after credit customers and ensures proper completion and timeliness of payments.